Nazia Imtiaz

Hafiza Nazia Imtiaz

Hello and welcome to Al-Rehman Quran Institute, where we bring the Quran to life in every class. Let’s talk about our Head of Female Teachers, Hafiza Nazia – she’s been guiding our students for over ten years.
Nazia was the first woman who join us as a teacher, in 2005. That’s why she’s the most experienced female teacher in our academy. She’s not just a teacher; she’s been a vital part of shaping how we teach the Quran here. She managed all female teaching staff.
Beyond her role as the Head of Female Teachers, Nazia actively contributes to improving how we teach. She’s committed to helping students deeply connect with the Quran, making our institute a place for meaningful Quranic education.

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    She finished memorizing the Quran in 2023. She got certified as a Hafiza, showing her deep connection with the Quran.

    Her Teaching Journey:

    Nazia started teaching the Quran back in 2006. Her experience is the backbone of our commitment to great Quranic education. She not only teaches but also trains our new teacher, manages the female staff, and also solves any issues anyone faces (with the female staff).

    How She Teaches:

    Hafiza Nazia Imtiaz specializes in different types of classes for both beginner and advanced students, including Quran Recitation, Hifz, Nazra, Tafseer, Tajweed, etc. She use different teaching techniques according to the behaviour and mind of the students to teach them quickly. Thats why she is the most favourite teacher of all students.

    Beyond Memorization:

    She doesn’t just stop at memorization. Nazia encourages discussions and thinking about what the verses really mean. She wants learning to be fun and memorable.

    Empowering Female Students:

    As the Head of Female Teachers, Nazia helps our female students feel confident. Her leadership inspires both teachers and students.